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Traveling Out Portable Dog Water Dispenser

Original price $23.19 - Original price $44.90
Original price
$23.19 - $44.90
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1. Portable pet water bottle with reasonable capacity, enough for outdoor walking, hiking and traveling. Wear a shoulder strap and hold it in your hand easily
2. This dog water bottle consists of two parts, which can hold 258ml of water and 200g of food. We can provide pets with food and water anytime, anywhere
3. The pet water dispenser is equipped with a water key and a rubber sealing ring to prevent leakage. No need to worry about getting your bag wet. Make sure your lid is tight

1. Easy to use: water can be pushed, just a light push, no need to press
2. Segmented design: water cup at the top and food container at the bottom
3. Food-grade ABS: Heat-resistant ABS meets FDA requirements to ensure that pet water bottles are safe and non-toxic, allowing pet dogs or cats to maintain health and vitality
4. Waterproof: Silicone seal ring design to ensure that water will not seep into your bag
5. Convenient to carry: reasonable capacity, very suitable for walking dogs and cats

Product information:
Color: pink, green, blue, gray
Pattern: Plain/Printing
Features: portable dog water bottle, cat water bottle, outdoor

Package Included:

1x pet water bottle